Finishing Your Basement

Finishing Your Basement Gives You the Space 

You Always Wanted


The vast majority of us use our basement as storage.  Go down there and it is dusty, may have a few cobwebs and may even smell a bit damp.  But as our lives have changed - and they always do, it is time to reclaim that forgotten space and significantly expand our home.  Perhaps it can become a play room for the kids.  Maybe it is an entertainment area just like we see in the new home advertisements.  Or maybe it is that exercise area, dance floor or wine cellar we have been dreaming about!


First thing we do is make sure that must smell is taken care of and we work to eliminate any possibility of flooding.  A good design for the space, with separate areas that may be needed for that wine cellar or that entertainment area is absolutely key.  And lighting is part of that plan, we will make the space bright and inviting!  Is it enough just to put in a ceiling and some walls?  Perhaps throw down a carpet?  No.  It is time to increase the size of your living space by 33 to 50%.  Now is the time give everyone the space they need…or you know the space you want and you deserve!


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Posted on November 30, 2014 .