What we are known for:

The three things that consistently come up in our customer surveys are uncompromising craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and constant communication. What this means for you is that your job is done right and you always know what's next and when it will happen. When the job is complete, you are left with a finished room that you will enjoy for years to come. What you won't see are poorly executed or unfinished details that you are forced to overlook or "live" with.  Instinctively we may like the look of a freshly remodeled space but still have that nagging feeling that it isn't quite right.  Usually it is because something isn't quite right but maybe we can't verbalize it initially.  You don't get that feeling with philadelphia area kitchen and bathroom remodels done by Victor R. Burgos & Son.

For you that means kitchen design that ensures a comfortable flow as opposed to areas where just opening the oven or the refrigerator creates a bottle neck.  It means having your friends, family and neighbors come to your home and comment on how good your kitchen looks.

Or it could mean a spacious, even breathtaking bathroom area that goes beyond the norm.  Well designed, well lit, well built.

Who uses us:

Our typical customer is someone who has undergone remodeling in the past, and was unhappy with the experience or the results. We take the time to listen to your needs and requests so that you're left with a finished product that you would gladly recommend to your friends and family.


Founded in 1950 by Victor R. Burgos, a World War II veteran and self-taught craftsman with a natural ability to know how to do things right. From the beginning, he made it a priority to treat his customers with respect and give them the highest quality of workmanship. With these principles, he built a business known for superior service and top notch craftsmanship.

Victor's son (Victor A. Burgos) was brought up with these same values and attention to detail. He showed an interest in carpentry at a very early age, finding the hand saw in his fathers toolbox, he decided to practice using it on the family's dining room table.  By the time anyone realized what he was doing, he had cut one of the legs completely off the table. Mom Burgos was mad about her destroyed furniture, but Victor was proud of his son's new found carpentry skills.

Victor went on to work with his father in the summer months throughout his teenage years. He joined the company full-time in 1971 after graduating from college with a degree in Civil Engineering. With this new addition, Victor R. Burgos & Son, Inc. was formed. Victor eventually took over the reigns of the family business continuing his father's legacy of attention to detail and fine craftsmanship while adding his own refinements to the business process. Under Victor's supervision, the company has maintained a solid reputation for quality work and has remained successful for over 40 years.

Today the company is joined by the third generation. Victor Jr. and Andrew have also grown up working in the business. They, like their father, have had the benefit of learning their trade from the generation before them. This experience and training will allow this third generation to carry the business forward and continue to deliver the fine craftsmanship and quality work that our customers have come to expect.